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Volunteer Kalamazoo received funding to start the Kalamazoo Neighborhood Safety Initiative (KNSI) in January 2011. The Kalamazoo Neighborhood Safety Initiative will address neighborhood safety in Kalamazoo through an engaged, mobilized group of volunteers tackling safety issues. This work will take place year-round, and include focused efforts during National Days of Service. The initiative will work in collaboration with on-going efforts of Public Safety and Neighborhood Associations to increase neighborhood safety throughout Kalamazoo.

The Kalamazoo Neighborhood Safety Initiative is working to change public safety in three neighborhoods: Edison, Eastside and Oakwood.  Five community partners were brought together to complete this work, including: Eastside Neighborhood Association, Edison Neighborhood Association, Oakwood Neighborhood Association, Kalamazoo Public Safety and Senior Services.

A special thank you to the Michigan Community Service Commission and Volunteer Centers of Michigan for their support of our Days of Service/Kalamazoo Neighborhood Safety Initiative Program.

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How can you get involved? Sign up to volunteer and be a part of the KNSI program. Want to take more of an active role in mobilizing others? Be a Volunteer Leader! We have opportunities for people of all ages, skills and backgrounds.

If you want to be involved in changing neighborhood safety, please send your information to KNSI Coordinator Matt Lechel at 269.492.3725 or via email.

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