Court Ordered Service

Click here to view current available court-ordered service opportunities.

Court-ordered service is assigned to individuals by the judicial system to engage them in positive service activities for the community where they live. It may be assigned in lieu of paying a fine or at a judge’s discretion.

Not all nonprofits accept court-ordered service, however there are a few ways to find volunteer opportunities that fulfill this requirement. The Volunteer Guidebook published by Volunteer Kalamazoo contains a listing of ongoing and special event volunteer opportunities. For opportunities that accept court-ordered volunteers, a symbol of a courthouse is listed next to the title of the opportunity. The Volunteer Guidebook can be found at Kalamazoo area public libraries, the Chamber of Commerce, Volunteer Kalamazoo’s office, as well as electronically on our publications page.

Be sure to allow time for finding your court-ordered service volunteer opportunities as most nonprofit agencies will have an application and screening process in place.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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