Days of Service

Welcoming spring in with…

Global Youth Service Day on April 26, 2014!

Volunteer Kalamazoo and the Youth Service Council are sponsoring Global Youth Service Day activities on Saturday, April 26th 2014 in Kalamazoo! Join us for this amazing event empowering youth to organize and do good in their communities!


Organizations around Kalamazoo County provide opportunities for area youth to get involved in this global initiative. Participants join volunteers across the world to give back and sow the seeds of positive change in their neighborhoods, cities, and landscapes.

Want to join the world for a day of service? Sign up here!

Available projects:

Want to sign up for a Global Youth Service Day Project? You can here!

Join us for all of our upcoming Days of Service:

A special thank you to the Michigan Community Service Commission and Volunteer Centers of Michigan for their support of our Days of Service/Kalamazoo Neighborhood Safety Initiative Program.

Past Day of Service Projects

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