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8013 Tetotom Park Way Antelope, Ca 95843

Antelope, Ca 95843
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About Us
Sunny Day School has been specializing in preschool for over 18 years, relocating from San Jose, Ca to Antelope, Ca in 1994. Tami Williamson, the owner, has been
teaching preschool since 1989. She started teaching preschool while attending San Jose State University, where she ultimately obtained her degree in Sociology of
Marriage and Family with a minor in Child Psychology. Since receiving her degree, Tami has been applying her education and experience to making Sunny Day School a
great place to be!

We, at Sunny Day School, believe that children can receive all of the good things that come with the larger centers, such as; educational and stimulating toys, large areas
to play and move, space strictly for the children, and the stability of knowing that your childcare will be open when you need it to be. We combined those things, with the
great things that come from bringing your child to a family child care, such as; loving, consistent caregivers, small adult to child ratios, individualized care that comes
from knowing your provider on a daily basis.

We are considered a large family child care. We are licensed for up to 14 children at one time with two licensed adults present. We have an amazing staff of three, all of
whom bring education, experience, and enthusiasm to the school and children.

Sunny Day School has over 1,200 square feet of strictly daycare space. There are five rooms for your children to explore, full of fun and interesting activities for every
age; board games, manipulatives, dramatic play materials and area, art materials, puppets, blocks, toys, an age appropriate library, computers, and video games. We also
have 3 very child friendly dogs, two hermit crabs, a school of fish, and a cat for your children to play, bond, and learn the importance of animals in their lives. There is
always something to do at Sunny Day School.

Situated on half an acre, Sunny Day School has a huge outside play area. Our yard boasts a large grassy area perfect for sports activities, a play area filled with Little
Tyke playground equipment, sand boxes, garden boxes, and a large covered cement patio with table and chairs for those hot summer days. Just as with our inside play
materials, we have many things to enjoy outside as well; legos, balls, jump roaps, sidewalk chalk, parachute play, bubbles, a jumpy house, and many other things to keep
kids of all ages happy and active outdoors.

Sunny Day School specializes in preschool. All our teachers strive to come up with new and exciting ways to prepare your child for the rigorous demands of the Dry Creek
School District. Preschoolers will be engaged in a variety of learning activities through out the morning, including art, science, cooking, cooperative games, or other
learning activities along with Circle time, which includes all the elements essential to be ready for school!

Our preschool program has proven each year that the children graduating from Sunny Day School go into kindergarten excited and ready for school. Because of our
small class size, we have the ability to address and work with any issues we see along the way, and coupled with the years of Tami's experience in this field, you will
always know how your child is doing and what progress we are making.

Toddlers enjoy a small group time in the morning, a relaxed one on one time with the teacher, exploring pre-preschool activities such as; singing, listening to stories,
dancing, identifying colors, shapes, and numbers. Learning starts at birth, and we believe that most children love to be stimulated and engaged with their surroundings
and their care givers.

We keep our infant numbers small, only taking one at a time, so that they receive the individualized attention that they need to thrive and grow. Infant care is individualized
depending on the needs of each child. Our infants are given plenty of nurturing and care, coupled with experienced teachers in a stimulating environment.

Our school age program including transportation to local schools, homework support, and materials that they need to get their homework and simple school projects
done. Our school age children have a space just for themselves, with cooperative games, computers, video games, an age appropriate library, and more.

Communication is the key at Sunny Day School. We use verbal redirection as much as possible, and really stress the importance of communication with our parents and
our students. Time outs are also used, but we like to stress postive reinforcement, so we encourage good behavior by rewarding children with a sticker chart, prizes, and
stamps on hands.

Our friendly staff is always available to talk to parents at the beginning and end of the day. We also have a daily chart for each child , recording the events of the day in
simple terms, so that every parent can be kept abreast of their child's behavior, how much they ate throughout the day, and how they napped. This daily chart also serves
as an incentive chart for your child, who will get a stick to add everday they are good which accumulates into a prize for their good behavior.

Our goal at Sunny Day School is to help nurture your child in everyday; emotionally, socially , and academically! Call today and find out more about our great program!