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Art at Home
Here are some fun, easy to do project at home with your child! these are particular favorites of ours, that ages from 18 months
- 8 years enjoy doing at Sunny Day School! Please check back later for some new ideas!
Shaving Cream Finger Painting!
All you need is a can of shaving cream.
The kids love this, because they can get
messy! I suggest using the minty fresh scent
as opposed to berry flavor because the
younger ones were tempted to eat it! This
cleans up super easy and leaves your
kitchen/room smelling nice and clean. We
have the kids try and draw letters, shapes,
and numbers in the foam and they love it.
Snake Sock Puppet
1 sock
2 buttons/googly eyes
1 4 inch black circle
1 red forked tongue
(felt or paper works best)
(I used pom balls, large
rhinestones, and felt
shapes - but anything will
Glue gun or craft glue

**this is a great project for
for recycled materials, or
left over craft stuff!
Because our kids are little,
we had them lay their
embellishments on sock
and teachers glued with
hot glue gun

this puppet goes with our
Snake Goes To
(see Alphabet
Puppt Curriculum page)
Looks Like Spilt Milk Murals
water down white paint
blue paper/poster board
cup to put paint in

**this is a great project
because it is easy and the
kids LOVE to throw the paint.
It is messy though, and we
suggest you do как развивать мозг this project
outside without shoes and
socks! we also layed a tarp
down to catch most of extra

This project goes with the
It Looks Like Spilt Milk
by David Shaw

After paint has dried you cut
around the paint - leaving a
slight edge around design.
These represent clouds - we
ask the children what they
think their "cloud" looks like.
Party Cake Cookies in a Jar
1 box cake mix (fun-fetti looks great)
1 (8oz) pkg. mini m&ms
or mini hershey kissables
1 (8oz) pkg. other baking chips (any kind)
1 (2.06 oz) container of sprinkles
2 16 oz jars with lids (washed and label free)
2 tags with directions (see link)

Decorate jars with embellishments. Another
suggesting is making a label from your computer!

THEN you layer jar with :
1/2 cup cake mix
1/2 cup m&ms/ kisses
1/2 cup cake mix
1/2 cup baking chips
1/2 cup cake mix
1/8 cup sprinkler

1. preheat oven to 350 and line cookie sheet
2. combine jar with 1/4 cup vegtable oil and 1 egg
3. mix together thoroughly (add 1 tsp increments of
water if mixture is too dry)
4.. bake for 8 - 10 minutes
Here is a link to our
label for cookies - it
is in a heart shape
for Valentines
Party Cake Receipe