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All other news that does not make it to our monthly newsletter can be found in our bulletins. These bulletins will be posted on our Parent Boards (located in
room where your child hangs their backpacks). Also we post these notices on Facebook - in our Bulletins album, and we post them on the sliding window
(door to daycare). Below is the link to our Facebook album:
If link is broken, copy/paste address directly into your browser
REMEMBER YOUR CHILD'S BACKPACK EVERYDAY! make sure your child has a spare change of clothes, including socks in their backpack. We
need sweaters/jackets to come everyday to school as well!

PHOTOS ARE ON FACEBOOK NOW! if you want to see the kids pictures, please friends us on facebook. Also when I send you our monthly
newsletter and calendar I send a link directly to our previous month photo album. We take dozens of pictures each month, please take the
time to check them out :)

WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR PUPPET AND COSTUME DONATIONS! If anyone is getting rid of either puppets or costumes, please send them
our way! we can always use some new things in our dramatic play area and our puppet theater.

WE HAVE COMPLETED OUR YEAR WITH THE PRESCHOOL BRIDGING MODEL! and it went really well, and I think we all learned alot from our
time with the Department of Education and Terri Kline. What we found out was that our school is top notch, and with a little help from Terri
we have a spectacular program by anyone's standards. I am very proud of all the work that the other teachers have put in to make Sunny
Day School and even better place to be!

PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES WITH THE WEBSITE! I have just re-done it, trying to simplfy it, but this is not the greatest
software, so if links no longer work, or you cannot access the information please contact Tami.

THE ALPHABET PUPPET CURRICULUM IS NEW THIS YEAR! please check out our page! By the end of this school year your child will have a
puppet for each letter of the month, a song book that has each song that goes with the puppet and a PUPPET THEATER! that's right - a full
A-Z curriculum that your child can utilize at home. so KEEP YOUR CHILD'S WEEKLY PUPPET!!!!!

FIND US ON FACEBOOK! Access to all our monthly information is now on Facebook! if you are our friend, you will have access to all the
Sunny Day School info and pictures! we are constantly updating and adding pictures. Come be our friend!!!!

WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR LARGE GLASS JAR WITH LIDS ! we have enough other recycled materials, but we are still looking for large
glass jars with lids. Spaghetti jars, large jelly jars, and/or pickle jars are the perfect size. If you can get the labels off even better :) thanks!

DO NOT BLOCK ANYONE'S DRIVEWAY - EVEN JUST A LITTLE BIT!!!! when you are dropping off and picking up. There is extra parking across
the street when things get busy here, so please take the time to park a little further away and avoid upsetting the neighbors! Thank You!!
If you are parking in the driveway, PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON PHONE or do other things, please come in immediately and get your child and
then give the prime parking spots to other parents! thank you ! This helps everyone when we work together to make Sunny Day School an
even better place to be :)

PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR TRASH TO FIND IT'S WAY ON THE GROUND! make sure you are taking all your trash to our trash can, which is
directly to the left when you walk into the first set of gates. We are finding breakfast bar wrappers, old school papers, napkins, and other
wrappers laying in driveway and lawn areas. PLEASE THROW AWAY ALL TRASH! thanks.

NO GUM ON SUNNY DAY SCHOOL GROUNDS!! we have a firm no gum policy here at Sunny Day School. Please do not bring your child with
gum in their mouths or in their pockets/backpacks! we find that children + gum = DISASTER!