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These can be summer theoretical courses and seminars in completely different disciplines, ranging from medieval literature to analytical chemistry, or in some narrow subject matter, which last an average of 3-4 weeks.

For whom?

The summer school is intended for various audiences: high school and university students, graduate students, young scientists, representatives of non-governmental organizations, social activists, or simply interested professionals.

Who organizes it?

Summer schools are usually organized by foreign universities, where in-house or visiting professors or expert practitioners lead several thematic programs. Summer schools are also organized by non-governmental organizations that usually pursue a humanitarian goal such as environmental protection, civil society development, human rights, etc.

How to participate?

The website of the summer school organizer will have the requirements for participants and instructions on how to apply. Usually, you should register on the website and fill out an online application form, or download the application from the website and send it along with supporting documents to the specified email address.

The package of required documents usually includes a resume (CV), a motivation letter, a transcript and letters of recommendation. The rest of the list of documents may depend on the profile of the summer school. For example, if it is a creative summer school, you may need to submit a portmanteau.

Who pays?

Many organizers offer grants for participation in summer schools, which cover all or part of the registration fee, travel, accommodation and meals. The terms and conditions of the grants are listed on the organizer's website.