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In some countries such as Germany, Estonia, Turkey and Hungary there are special state foundations that support что должен знать фронтенд разработчик and student participation in summer schools. The programs of such schools, as a rule, are aimed at learning the language, history and culture of a particular country. I will tell about it in details.

The German DAAD foundation traditionally supports the participation of students from Russia in German summer schools to learn the German language. Such summer schools are usually held at German universities and last 3-4 weeks.

To participate, you must be a student of a Russian university and know German at B1 level. The A2 level is acceptable for students in technical and natural sciences at regional universities. Applications are submitted through the portal DAAD and in paper form to the representative office in Russia. The deadline for paper applications is November-December. You can choose suitable summer schools on the DAAD website.

Sometimes a summer school in Germany for a particular subject, e.g. economics or computer science, already has DAAD funding and you can receive it directly through the school. In this case there may be no requirement to know German - English is enough. But such programs are rare - I came across two. First example: the WFI Summer School: Firms in Society offered scholarships to all international students regardless of their knowledge of German. I'll tell you more about this school next. The second one is a scholarship for summer courses at Wurzburg University, it is also funded through DAAD, but is given directly through the organizers of the summer school.

Estonian government scholarships for participation in summer schools. Estonia gives international students the opportunity to receive partial funding for short courses to study Estonian language and culture, as well as for summer and winter schools at Estonian universities. The scholarship covers tuition up to 500 € (29,939 P) and living expenses of 25 € (1,497 P) per month. Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students who have studied at a university for at least one year are eligible for funding. Applications are accepted on the summer school website from February through March.

The Yunus Emre Foundation Scholarship to attend summer schools in Turkey. Until 2020, the foundation only offered scholarships for Turkish summer school, which took place in different cities in Turkey. Starting in 2020, the foundation changed the concept and made themed summer schools on Turkish literature, architecture, gastronomy, science and film. Some schools assume knowledge of Turkish, but English is sufficient for most. What the schools will be in 2021, in what format and under what conditions, is not yet known.

All selected participants receive a stipend, which covers the flight, accommodation, three meals a day, textbooks and trips to museums. The participant will only have to pay for their insurance.

Hungarian Tempus Foundation scholarships are awarded to international students to participate in summer schools at Hungarian universities. Their list is determined in advance and posted on the website. In 2021, almost all summer schools are devoted to the study of the Hungarian language and culture, but application deadlines have already expired.